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Windows can do much more than beautify a home

Windows from PGT® can lower energy costs, reduce noise, filter out 99% of UV rays that cause fading to drapes and furniture, as well as provide 24/7 intruder and hurricane protection.  Our windows are available with aluminum and vinyl window frames, non-impact and impact-resistant glass, and many other options to meet your needs. Be sure to check out our custom windows as well.

WinGuard® Aluminum 700 Series

Architectural Window
  • Used as a stand alone or companion window for visual interest or to capture a view
  • Standard shapes include picture, arch, oval, full circle, half circle, fan, quarter circle, elliptical, eyebrow, hexagon, octagon, triangle, gothic, pentagon and trapezoid
  • Custom shapes are also available
  • Optional laminated insulating glass available
  • Standard and custom muntin patterns available
  • Available with ETERNA™ Finish
Impact-, storm-, and hurricane-resistant windows.

SpectraGuard™ 2300 Series

SpectraGuard Picture Window PW2320
  • This window comes in a multitude of shapes that can stand alone or be used as a companion for visual interest or to capture a view
  • Standard shapes include squares,rectangles, half rounds, quarter rounds, circles, ovals, ellipticals, octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, eyebrows, triangles, peak pentagons
SpectraGuard Horizontal Roller HR2310
  • A versatile window with left and right horizontally rolling sash, with or without a fixed center panel
  • Ideal for very large openings
  • Configurations include XX and XOX
  • Dual locks
  • Adjustable Keeper
  • Screen removable from interior for ease of use
  • Adjustable brass rollers for smooth operation
SpectraGuard Double Hung DH2360
  • A classic style window that features a vertically sliding top and bottom sash
  • Available in Equal, Cottage, Oriel styles and a wide range of sizes
  • True sash interlock
  • Tilt sash design for easy cleaning
  • Dual vent latches for partial ventilation
  • Constant force balance system to hold sashes in any location
  • Full screen removable from interior
  • Multi-Purpose lock and keeper (optional)
SpectraGuard Combination CB2300
  • A wide variety of combination windows are available to open up, brighten and add visual interest and beauty
  • Combinations are available in single, twin and triple stacks, with or without transoms or shapes above
  • Factory or field mulling options available