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The nation's leading manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors can meet all your condominium needs. For over 30 years, PGT has been manufacturing windows and doors utilizing the industry's most advanced technology and delivering them on time, every time.

Benefits of using PGT Products in Condo Applications

If you are embarking on an exciting renovation project, PGT can provide the windows and doors you need for protection, in designs you'll admire for their beauty. All of our condominium-suitable products offer continuous overall protection and meet or exceed AAMA and Miami-Dade requirements, passing the most rigorous wind and impact tests in the industry. In fact, PGT leads the industry in Miami-Dade NOA's.

When choosing PGT, you can be confident that from Hurricane Protection and Energy Efficiency to noise, UVA protection and more, PGT products have you covered.

Energy Efficiency

The glass you choose for your windows and doors can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your condominium. For that reason, PGT offers an extensive selection of glass types designed to meet your needs for your home or commercial property. Insulating glass, laminated glass, and laminated insulating glass are just a few glass options that all contribute to decreased indoor energy usage, as well as lower heating and cooling costs. To find out more about the benefits and features of glass offered by PGT, visit our Glass Zone.


Energy StarNew windows can do much more than beautify your home. They can also lower your energy bills. From the quality materials used in the frames to the double-pane insulating glass used in their assembly, PGT PremierVue or WinGuard Vinyl windows and doors are your home’s best barrier against wasted energy. These PGT products also offer multiple opportunities to achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings for energy performance and save you even more on energy costs. These options include:

  • High-performance Low-E to deflect solar heat gain and keep unwanted heat outside your home
  • Glass tints that are effective at reducing heat transmitted through your windows
  • Argon gas which helps reflect outside heat to regulate the temperatures inside your home

Visit the ENERGY STAR website to learn more about energy efficiency and how you can save energy and money in your home.



A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. With PGT, you can be sure you’re getting one of the best warranties in the industry, and you're dealing with a company that has a history of backing its product and taking care of its customers.

Codes & Standards

Do You Know the Code?

Depending on the project, there are various codes that must be taken into consideration when replacing windows and doors. Below are the most common codes encountered during projects relating to condominiums; however, check with your contractor, architect, or engineer for specific requirements on your project.

"When it went up for vote among our condo board, it was unanimous to go with PGT. The aesthetics are great because they don’t have large frames and mullions that block ocean views. And during the replacement process, we did not experience any trauma to the openings or interiors. We’ve had a great experience overall."

Mike Shiels, Resident Manager of The Carlysle