Preferred Sliding Glass Door

WinGuard® Aluminum Preferred Sliding Glass Door SGD770

Sliding Glass Door SGD770

PGT® is the authority on impact-resistant windows and doors. Our expertise is founded from our collaboration with Miami-Dade County to establish testing protocols for impact-resistant products. As a result of this partnership, in 1996 PGT became the first manufacturer to offer a full-suite of impact-resistant windows and doors that are – to this day – among the strongest, safest, and most reliable products in the industry.

‘Engineered to perform’ is a phrase we use a lot when we talk about our WinGuard® impact-resistant windows and doors. It’s also a phrase we say with confidence because these products are engineered to meet the toughest hurricane codes in the nation. And because we’ve seen them perform, both in our test lab and in the “real world”, where more than three million units have been installed and zero impact failures have been reported.

The benefits of our flagship product line go beyond just hurricanes. WinGuard also protects against outside noise, break-ins, UV rays and high energy bills.

PGT WinGuard Aluminum windows and doors:

  • Feature heavy-duty, extruded aluminum frames along with corrosion-resistant hardware fasteners with stainless-steel options
  • Are manufactured with laminated glass to ensure protection and are topped off with a powder-coat paint finish
  • Promise Effortless Hurricane Protection® Help deter intruders and is backed by one of the industry’s best warranties
  • Significantly reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Offer ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations
  • Are customizable with frame colors, hardware finishes, glass tints, grid styles and patterns

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why PGT WinGuard is the best-selling brand of impact-resistant windows and doors in America.



One or more glass door panels that move horizontally along upper and lower tracks

Crystal Achievement Award-winning design
• “Most Innovative Door” 

Expansions of up to 40 feet
• Amazing, uninterrupted views and a great source of natural light 

Panels up to 4’x 10’or 5’x 8’
• Sizes available for every opening 

By-pass or pocket, and 90-degree or 135-degree corner door configurations
• Customizable with multiple tracks from 1 to 8 panels 

Dual-point locking mechanism
• Provides added security for your home by restricting panels from being lifted off the tracks 

Heavy-duty tandem rollers
• Allow easy opening with just your fingertips 

Hidden installation and assembly screws
• Deliver a sleek, finished appearance 

Raised pull handles or recessed pulls available

Optional screens available



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