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Architectural Systems Single Hung SH3000

Single Hung SH3000
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Built for strength, protection and beauty, PGT® Architectural Systems serves the needs of the commercial and residential high-rise window market. PGT Architectural Systems represents an investment in lasting quality, as each product is custom-built to exact specifications and offers a wide variety of options, allowing you flexibility in your new construction or replacement projects.

PGT Architectural Systems products feature:

• Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frames
• Laminated glass
• Mechanically fastened corners
• Powder coat paint
• Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel hardware and fasteners
• Customizable options including frame colors, glass tints, and grid styles and patterns

Movable bottom sash that slides open vertically

Class 5, pre-tensioned spiral balance system
• Counterbalances 70% of the window sash weight for the easiest, smoothest opening and closing 

Integrated lift rails
• Allow easy fingertip operation