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SpectraGuard Picture Window PW2320

SpectraGuard™ Picture Window PW2320

SpectraGuard Picture Window PW2320
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Designed for replacement and, remodeling projects, SpectraGuard Series 2300 features energy efficient windows that qualify for federal tax credits, come with ENERGY STAR® ratings, and offer unsurpassed wood-like beauty. The SpectraGuard line meets the demand for customers looking for clean, sleek, aesthetically pleasing windows with the strength and energy efficiency of vinyl. A unique 3-step beaded profile on both the frame and sash makes them almost indistinguishable from painted wood windows.

  • This window comes in a multitude of shapes that can stand alone or be used as a companion for visual interest or to capture a view
  • Standard shapes include squares,rectangles, half rounds, quarter rounds, circles, ovals, ellipticals, octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, eyebrows, triangles, peak pentagons
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