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Architectural Systems

Architectural Systems

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Built for strength, protection and beauty, PGT® Architectural Systems serves the needs of the commercial and residential high-rise window market.  PGT Architectural Systems represents an investment in lasting quality, backed by a solid warranty of up to 20 years.  Each PGT Architectural Systems product is custom-built to exact specifications and offers a wide variety of options, allowing you flexibility in your new construction, remodeling or replacement projects, as well as historical restorations.


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Architectural Systems

3000 Series

  • Stainless steel tandem rollers with high performance double sealed bearings
  • 3 7/8” Threshold with 18 PSF water resistance
  • Narrow sightlines
  • ¾” nominal wall thickness
  • Double raised muntin options
  • Drop-in anodized track insert
  • Exterior integral handle options


3550 Series

Storefront Entry Door

•    Available as a single or double door
5-ply hook-bolt locking mechanism
•    ½” stainless steel bolts secure the door to the frame or adjoining door in three places for exceptional security and protection
Heavy-duty, stainless steel, non-removable pin hinges
•    Provides additional security by restricting door from being removed from frame
American Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant
•    Meets requirements for opening, hardware, and threshold

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