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Whether you’re looking for hurricane protection, increased security, energy-efficiency, noise reduction, or simply improved curb appeal, the type of glass you select plays an important role in the performance and look of your windows and doors. PGT offers an extensive selection of glass types designed to meet your needs for your home or commercial property.


If impact-resistance and energy efficiency are not a primary concern in your window and door decision, there are still several factors that impact the quality of the products you choose and should be considered when comparing your options. To ensure that you are selecting the best product for your needs, it is helpful to understand the different elements that make up "standard glass" used by manufacturers.

Glass thickness is one element that plays a very important in glass makeup, as it directly affects the amount of noise that is transmitted through the window pane. The most common glass thicknesses are:

  • Single-strength glass (SSB) is a single pane of glass that is 3/32” thick. Most window and door manufacturers have moved away from using this glass thickness in their products, though some manufacturers continue to use it in their lines.
  • Double-strength glass (DSB) is a single pane of glass that is 1/8” thick. This glass thickness is the minimum available in PGT products.
  • Plate Glass is a single pane of glass that is 3/16” thick. This thicker glass is an available option for most PGT windows and is standard in the majority of PGT doors.

Glass also varies in strength and breakage pattern based on how the glass is treated. The most common types of basic glass treatments include annealed, heat-strengthened, and tempered. Click on the links to find out more about each treatment and to see the associated breakage patterns.

When researching your options for windows and doors, be aware that "standard glass" is not universal across manufacturers. Be sure to ask your dealer for details about the glass makeup in products you are considering to ensure that you are comparing similar products.

Primary Uses: Single family residential, Multi-family residential

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